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Meditation enables you to unwind, relax, let go of worry and improve your overall sense of wellbeing. Whether you simply want to calm your mind or experience deep inner transformation there is a meditation practice that can help you


Learn practical methods to solve the problems we face in daily life. Classes include guided meditation and teaching from one of our qualified teachers, as well as an opportunity to ask questions. Everybody is welcome. No experience is necessary.

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Meditation is one of the greatest ways to obtain inner peace and harmony. It is believed that meditation helps to accustom mind to positive thinking and calmness. When our mind is serene, it means that we are free from stress and open to true happiness. Everyone is invited to join our meditation lesson and enjoy the process.

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Statue Distribution

Recently Sanghakaya Foundation has started “Buddha Statue Donation Program” in India. This noble cause is supported by the devotees of Thailand. They donate the Buddha Statues to Indian Buddha Vihara which do not have statues for worshipping at their vihara. Sanghakaya Foundation have Donated buddha statue of 5 to 7 feet in height, around 200 kilograms in weight and made out of brass metal. We have also donated number of small statues as symbol of peace.

We are planning to donate more buddha statues in India upcoming years. We are also going start Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s statue donation program through our organization.

If you need statue for your Vihara…fill the following form

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Sanghakaya Foundation Mumbai

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